Overwatch OGN Apex Season 1: The 16 participant teams are now revealed.

Talking about big and renowned tournaments. We just talked about MSI Master Gaming Arena and now it’s time to see what is going on with the Overwatch OGN Apex Season 1.

OGN is hosting a $177,000 USD prize pool tournament. Casters will be the well-known OGN-duo MonteCristo and DoA. MonteCristo said that Overwatch is the 7th game that he has casted in eSports, but the first FPS. That is why he has been working on it for months already.

The Overwatch OGN Apex Season 1 started with 28 teams South Korean teams. Out of those 28 teams, 12 teams passed to the next stage. To these 12 South Korean teams, 4 teams from NA and Europe will be joining them.

It is worth noticing that Overwatch is a huge game in South Korea right now. It is ranked in the first place in PC Bangs, surpassing even League of Legends. This is something big, considering how korean teams are considered to be the best at League.

Overwatch OGN Apex Season 1 Teams

Overwatch OGN Apex Season 1

Overwatch OGN Apex Season 1 Teams

South Korean Teams

  • Afreeca Freecs Blue
  • MVP Space
  • BK Stars
  • LW Blue
  • Rhinos Gaming Titan
  • Flash Nox
  • Mighty Storm
  • Kongdoo #1
  • Kongdoo #2
  • Runaway
  • T6
  • Lunatic-Hai

North America and Europe Teams

  • Team EnVyUs (North America)
  • NRG Esports (North America)
  • Rogue (Europe)
  • Reunited (Europe)

Even though EnVyUs and NRG had a somewhat disappointing performance at the Overwatch Open, they are still really renowned teams in NA and will definitely attract fans to watch them play. The Overwatch OGN Apex Season 1 will start on October 7th.



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