Overwatch Origins Edition now available at $49.99 on selected retailers

Overwatch Origin Edition sale

Overwatch Origins Edition now available at $49.99 on selected retailers

May 2016, was the month in which Overwatch was released, and it seems like the large rising community is holding the foundation of the game quite strongly, which can be mainly attributed to the free play weekend on both PS4 and Xbox One. For the ones who just don’t want to play the trial period and directly buy the game or those who enjoyed the test and wanted to get their hands on the complete game, an exclusive deal has been revealed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Price has been temporarily reduced of Overwatch: Origins Edition by $10 for a very brief period, this has been revealed by official Overwatch website. $49.99 will be the price of Overwatch while being on sale.

The game’s website has authenticated the discounted price. Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop are offering the lower price, while Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us still have the game at full price, so now you know from which retailer, you should get the FPS title.

September 15 at 11:59 pm PT, is the date and time till which the game is up for sale. So, one has more than enough time to make the important decision of taking advantage of this deal.

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