Overwatch players can become millionaires through Blizzard’s tournaments

Overwatch players might become millionaires via tournaments

The good Overwatch players are attracting thousands of viewers who are paying subscriptions to watch them play online. Millions of dollars in prize money could be won in Overwatch because it might become Blizzard’s biggest eSport Event.

Fun to watch and play

According to a credible source, the primary objectives for developers is to make the game both fun for the players and easy to watch. Blizzard’s success in Overwatch is no small matter since both of these objectives are difficult to balance.

Unique from other games

Overwatch is a kind of a fantasy game, which is nowadays very different from the much more serious themed games, As soon as player fires the Heavy Pulse Rifle, Tesla Cannon or a fancy weapon, reality takes a step backward. Several characters possess the abilities of Superhuman. For example, Trace can use her Blink ability to zip through space and reappear a few meters away.
Overwatch could not be mistaken for any other first person shooter game because of how the unique way, the game is designed by Blizzard.

Overwatch players

Overwatch players

Support from Blizzard

A major eSport event of Overwatch could be well on its way by Blizzard Entertainment. To set up an eSport infrastructure, the company has bought Major League Gaming. To distinguish them from one another, each character has numerous abilities and features.

Worldwide recognized players

Professional players like Brandon Larned can easily attract thousands of fans when they play Overwatch; the statement came from a very credible and a reliable source. By drawing a large number of fans and players, Blizzard has indicated that Overwatch is well on its way to its very own Mega event.

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