Overwatch players are getting annoyed by Sombra ARG

Sombra ARG creating problems for Overwatch players

It has been months since the Overwatch Company, Blizzard has been hinting a new hero, Sombra, What seems to start as Easter eggs has evolved into a fully functional Alternate Reality Game (ARG). The community appears to be getting tired after the recent countdown twist.
The ARG kicked into high gear earlier this month; the rise of the difficulty to such a height forced Blizzard to take measures in (as Sombra) and spread the word among the community that they were looking in all the wrong places. Sleuths were eventually able to uncover a skull, and the whole thing was starting to make sense among the community of Overwatch.



Time can certainly make a ton of difference. The most recent breakthrough in this Sombra saga was on the Overwatch’s official forums, was assumed as a glitch post that appeared to come from none other than Sombra herself which led players to a brilliant website that seemed to be counting down until the announcement of Sombra. The players were furious at the servers not being able to connect.
At five per cent. Cue: rage. The page’s percentage stopped moving. What fans thought that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but instead they got a cave-in. The problem persists and there is nobody who can figure out how to resume it again.
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