Overwatch surpasses League of Legends after season 2 debut

League of Legends falls below Overwatch

League of Legends has fallen below Overwatch again, after surpassing it during the offseason of competitive gaming.

Some credible sources have recently reported that Overwatch is in lead, by a comfortable lead of 10% lead, this time, around.

There was a little margin of less than 2%, when League of Legends surpassed Overwatch during the shift of rankings, although it was offseason in a competitive season for the game.

This might be the beginning of the transition of power in Korea, with all the drama surrounding League of Legends. Either that or the hype is real for the Season 2 changes.

Overwatch - League of Legends

Overwatch is an FPS game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was officially released in May and has gained quite a reputation ever since. The game is yet to achieve in the competitive eSports industry. But still, has started making waves around the globe and there aren’t any signs that things will slow down.

Blizzard Franchise is constantly innovating the game, with new characters, maps, and collectibles therefore, no one can see the future. However, with the current standings and the way things are happening for the game, future look pretty good for the time being.

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