Last 16 teams for Overwatch World Cup 2016 Revealed

Blizzard has finally revealed 16 teams taking part in the Overwatch World Cup 2016 to be held at BlizzCon.

The list is made up of teams from Europe, Americas, as well as from the APAC regions. The Americas teams include the US, Brazil, Chile, and Canada. Teams from Europe include Germany, Russia, Sweden, France, Finland, and Spain.

Completing the list are teams from China, ANZ, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, and Singapore.

Blizzard has also posted a list of players for each team who will be competing in the round-robin stages. The tournament will then move to the elimination stage to determine the winning Overwatch team.

The Overwatch World Cup is scheduled to kick off in the same week as BlizzCon on 29 October. Blizzard is expected to reveal details of the matches in the coming days.

Unlike other e-sports tournaments, the games taking part in the Overwatch World Cup 2016 will include common streamers who are not necessary among the best players such as Brazil. Some teams feature some of the best Overwatch players such as the US.

No Prize Pool in Overwatch World Cup 2016



All teams will get a free trip to BlizzCon coupled with and appearance bonus whose specific details are yet to be released. The Overwatch World Cup does not feature a prize pool. The games had attracted players form 50 different countries who cast their vote on for the teams, streamers as well as well as the personalities to represent them at the World Cup event.

The World Cup will be the first Overwatch tournament undertaken by Blizzard and although there is no prize money to be won, the competition is expected to be fierce.


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