Overwatch’s post-game system to be added soon in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm to add Overwatch’s post-game system

A new post-game commendations system is on its way to the Heroes of the Storm. However, the design is very similar to another Blizzard title, Overwatch.
The way the system is that after all the statistics of the game, a player who is the MVP of the game will show up. The screen will also show a player’s accomplishment. After this, the game moves on to another screen where the four other players along with the MVP are given the spotlight according to what they achieved in the match which includes gaining control of the most of the Mercenary camps.

These players can either be from the losing or winning team; the same thing happens in Overwatch as well. The community can give its virtual thumbs up to any player the want to see in the spotlight.
Gamescon was the place where the feature was first revealed to the community. However, at the time many details were not made public by Blizzard, Instead the company put all the focus on the new content and the patch notes. Which included a new map, new characters added to the game including from Overwatch and as well as a StarCraft-themed event.
The next major patch which is to be released soon will include this commendation as well as the MVP system.
Some of the awards in the game are as below.

  • Stunner: Longest combined Stun time against enemy Heroes.
  • Headhunter: Most Mercenary camps captured.
  • Cannoneer: The most damage was done on Tower of Doom.
  • Moneybags: Most coins turned in on Blackheart’s Bay.
  • Bulwark: Most damage taken by a hero of warrior specialization.

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