OWKings roster disbands. Its members are all Free Agents now.

That’s right, OWKings, known for their existence since the beta, has disbanded. They were going through some rough times lately and it finally came to the worst.

OWKings was a really good team back in the Beta, there was a lot of expectation about them. But, unfortunately, they were not doing that great lately. Their performance at the Overwatch Open Europe qualifiers was what ultimately led to their disbanding.

OWKings former roster

The players, now free agents, were:

  • Remy “ADETONIAN” Cabresin
  • Ruben “ryb” Ljungdhal
  • Oula “OLBAA” Räsänen
  • Jussi “twidi” Tiipiö
  • “Clown”
  • Andreas “Likely” Lindberg

Before deciding this, a lot of changes happened. But, after all, an environment of constant change is not good for the development of their players.

The CEO of OWKings, Gareth “ShameLess” Harry, made a statement about this whole situation and the future of OWKings.

When it came down to what the team wanted to do we didn’t want to have any part in that decision. At the end of the day it’s their time they’re giving up to put into this game to hopefully make it a long term career, and I feel like it was pressure we didn’t need to put on them. They were a strong team coming out of Beta and they wanted to carry that through into the scene once the game had launched, but roster change, after roster change, made it hard for them to have a solid 6 to progress as a team, and bad results just took its toll which led to them deciding to part ways. Once they told us we were just supportive of their decision and handled the logistics.

As for another team, we’re definitely not ruling it out, we have no intentions of pulling out of the scene and we’re always looking for new ways to support it. If the opportunity arises and the stars align, then sure, we’d pick up another team, but for now we’re just focusing on the platform and our content.

As we can see, it looks like the organization did not have much to do with the decision. They seem to only serve as a platform for the players to develop into a team environment. We can only hope that OWKings finds a new opportunity soon, and their former players also find a new home for them.

If anything else happens, we will let you know!


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