Patch 1.3 is out on the LIVE servers. Season 2 is ready to go

Just a few minutes ago the patch 1.3 has gone LIVE! After a succesful PTR test period, the Season 2 of competitive play is up on the Live Servers.

We did not have any confirmation as to when the Season 2 was going to start. Most people thought it was going to be up on September 6th. But, just now, the patch 1.3 has become available in live servers.

Things are still a little confusing, since nobody knows exactly what is going on. There are not any official announcements yet but be sure that we will keep you updated as new information comes in. So, first of all. The patch 1.3 is the same that was being tested in the PTR. You can find information about it here.

Jeff Kaplan just confirmed that Patch 1.3 is live on PC. PTR is down now.

The start to Season 2

That is, competitive ranked play is up. Tiers are in the live game now. Players will have to play their placement matches to enter one of the available tiers and work their way up through the Season 2. The changes to heroes is implemented as well.

Just a quick reminder, the tiers are like this:

– Bronze – 1-1499
– Silver – 1500-1999
– Gold – 2000-2499
– Platinum – 2500-2999
– Diamond – 3000-3499
– Master – 3500-3999
– Grandmaster – 4000-5000

Also, as of now, the patch is only availabe in PC. Jeff Kaplan did not say anything about when the patch is going to be up for consoles.

So, if Season 2 is something that you have been anxiously waiting, be sure to download the patch and join the Ranked play!

Patch notes are out as well. If you are interested in reading them you can do so here.


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