REUNITED Kyb steps down from the team before travelling to Korea

The organization let their fans know about this through an official statement. This is definitely something that hurts the roster considering how good of a dps player Kyb was. Also, he is one of the most popular pro player in the scene right now.

REUNITED Kyb steps down from the team just before their travel to Korea. REUNITED will be living in Seoul for the next 2 months while they compete in the Overwatch APEX League. The organization regrets that their player and friend Kyb will not be joining them on this new adventure.

Kyb joined REUNITED on July. Since then, things have been moving too fastfor the team. They are travelling non-stop playing in different tournaments as well as practicing hours and hours every day. It is worth noticing that Kyb is just 18 years old. A transition like this one, going towards a career as a professional player might have thrown him out of balance. The team says that this situation has made Kyb question himself if that is what he really wants to do for a living. As of now, he decided not to travel with the team to Korea, so he has effectively stepped down from the team.

Statement after REUNITED Kyb steps down and his future within REUNITED

This is what Kyb said about him stepping down from the roster:

I really enjoyed my time as a pro in Reunited but it all went so fast. I didn’t expect for it to go this well this fast. I need to take some time to think about it what I want to do in the future. Thanks to all my followers/supporters, I hope to stay connected with you guys

Even though he is leaving the competitive team, he will still be a part of REUNITED as a streamer. This at least until he knows exactly what he wants for his future. Who knows, we might even see him coming back to competitive play.

REUNITED already has a replacement for Kyb but they have not announced it yet. All they let us know is that the replacement is already flying to Korea to meet the team there. In the next few days we will know who the mysterious player is.

Meanwhile, here is a video of Kyb that was featured in the client a few weeks ago:




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