REUNITED tells us why they are a player owned team

REUNITED was disappointed in the how the little faith organizations had in Overwatch

Overwatch as an eSport has been getting bigger and organizations are all scrambling to get teams. Some big organizations such as Team EnVyUs and Cloud9 have been believers since the beta. Others such as TSM, and Team Dignitas put their toe in the water before jumping in. REUNITED actually waited before forming a team. But they decided that instead of founding an organization they would start their own and all become co-founders of their own team.

There are a few player owned teams in the world of eSports, most notably Astralis in CS:GO. These are teams that are owned by the players playing for the team.  Basically, each players gets a percentage of the stock of the team. So far, REUNITED are the only team to adopt this business model within Overwatch, but I would not be surprised to see more teams pop up using this model. Especially as Overwatch continues to grow at an astronomical rate.

Why a player owned team?

This has  several benefits for the players, one is that they have more incentive to work harder. And if that work pays off and they win then they benefit more directly. There are a few drawbacks as well. One is that if they lose money and do not manage to compete then they lose their own money. They also do not have the support structure that is inherit in an organization. REUNITED says that those cons are outweighed by the pros.

Most eSports teams are run by organizations, the same way other sports team have owners. Sometimes those owner are companies. That organization then gives the team a manager, deals with contracts, and handles the other details. The idea behind this is that it gives the player the time to focus on perfecting their craft. But occasionally there are disputes between the organization and the players. This was the case for REUNITED.

They spoke to several organizations before going for a player owned business model. Christensen, a co-founder, stated that they originally planned to join an organization. However, they were let down by the way those organizations responded to the potential of Overwatch. The team felt that Overwatch was going to be huge and so they decided that they had to devote more time and resources then the organizations were willing to do. So they formed the team themselves.

So far it seems to have paid off for them as they finished 2nd place in the ESL Atlantic Showdown. REUNITED play again in the Overwatch Open this weekend. They are a team to watch as they are one of the most powerful EU teams.


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