Revealed: Most and Least Popular Overwatch heroes

Statistics from the official Overwatch website are finally out and thus the most and the least popular Overwatch heroes have been revealed.

Blizzard took a bold move whereby, rather than creating an entry on its other franchises, it took the risky option and created a new IP. As it now appears, their risk has finally paid off.

Since its debut, Overwatch has received a phenomenal fan base with its player base hitting the 15 million mark. This has prompted the development of new content.

Fan’s favorite Overwatch heroes can be a support character.

Overwatch enthusiasts are wondering which heroes are the widely used by gamers. According to data gathered from Master Overwatch, Lucio is by far the most favored Overwatch hero.

Lucio, a resident DJ and a support hero is hailed and the leading hero character while Ana and Symmetra took the last spots. Support characters are quite popular in Overwatch since they are crucial to keeping their teammates in the best shape.

Overwatch hero Lucio and Mercy are the preferred support heroes based on their skills, which prove essential especially during matches. According to the recent statistics, Lucio takes the crown to emerge top of the 22 Overwatch heroes lineup. Keep in mind that Mercy comes in on the third spot while the second position goes to the hero Soldier: 76. Pharah and Genji come in the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

The fact that two support Overwatch heroes were ranked among the top five coupled with three offensive heroes took most players by surprise. However, if you give it a second thought, it makes sense in that every team needs a support.


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