ShaneisGhost leaves Splyce after the Overwatch Open

ShaneisGhost, Splyce’s tank, announced his departure from the team via twitter. Also, he has “Ex Professional Overwatch player” in his twitter info. Apparently he is retired from the competitive scene even though he might return later.

ShaeisGhost leaves Splyce after a somewhat disappointing performance by the team at the Overwatch Open. Both Splyce and ShaneisGhost wished each other good luck in the future so apparently they are in good terms.

Splyce had it rough since the beginning of the Overwatch Open. They played against EnVyUs, one of the favorite teams, and then vs NRG. They lost both games 0-2.

Splyce’s struggle with their roster

The team seems to have problems with keeping a stable roster. ShaneisGhost was the replacement for Papasmurf. Apart from that, Splyce just cut Joshua “Steel” Nissan and the flex player Matthew “flame” Rodriguez. These are a lot of changes considering that they joined the scene in June. Several roster changes after just 3 months of being in the scene.

Since ShaneisGhost leaves Splyce, the roster right now is composed as follows:

  • Matthew “clockwork” Dias (DPS)
  • Canaan Michael “Shrugger” Carman (DPS)
  • Ryan “sycknesS” Mitchell (Flex)
  • Bradford “PYYYOUR” Ross (Support)
  • Nicholas “ninjanick” Poulos (Support)

The team is right now looking for a tank as their 6th player. Without a doubt they are already having tryouts to find the right candidate. A team like Splyce will sure have a lot of applicants. So we just have to wait and see who is the new player that comes into the scene.

As soon as the last player is revealed we will surely let you know!


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