Skipjack from Misfits will not play in the Overwatch Open

Nicholas “skipjack” Rosada will not be able to play in the Overwatch Open. He announced that he will not attend the event since his mother is gravely ill unfortunately.

Ruben “ryb” Ljungdahl is going to take skipjack place in the team. ryb is a sub that will be playing on September 25. This was confirmed by Misfits Manager Ali “Alicus” Saba.

Skipjack is a 27 years old player from Germany that started playing Overwatch since the beta. From the start, he had the mindset to become a highly competitive player in this scene and maybe even pro. He inmediately started looking for people with a similar mindset to form a team.

After competing in several tournaments with different teams, he and his team caught the attention of several organizations and started receiving offers. He finally decided to accept Misfits offer and he is quite happy with them.

A big hit for Misfits

It is no doubt about how this announce will afect Misfits. They were playing really good for the past weeks. They managed to qualify to the Overwatch Open and also beat Rogue to get into the Atlantic Showdown. Even though they did not do that well on the ESL event, getting 5th and 6th place, they are a more than capable team.

Apparently the organization was very supportive with this since skipjack himself thanked them for their help. He will be rooting for his team from home.

We can only hope that everything goes well with skipjack’s family and also good luck for ryb who will be subbing for the team.

Skipjack’s tweets can be found here


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