Sky Sports will continue to broadcast Overwatch Open this week

Overwatch Open to be broadcasted by Sky Sports

The biggest tournament of the Blizzard finest Franchise Overwatch, Overwatch Open will take place throughout this whole week. Tbest way to catch all the action in the event is via Sky Sports.
Overwatch being a new addition in the esports industry, is one of the top trending games in the world. Despite having been released this year, the game itself has become quite popular among the gamers.
Last weekend, the viewers and fans spectated the first ever major tournament of Overwatch, ESL Atlantic Showdown, which had the prize pool of $100,000. The participating teams were from European and North American region.
ESL Atlantic Showdown was a good example of how far this game can progress in the esports industry. The tournaments and events of a new game show that it is being appreciated by the audience as well as the organizers.

For those who are unaware of the game, In Overwatch, two teams compete against each other to accomplish various objectives and tasks in the match. Each team can have six players, and each player can play a single at a time. A player can switch a hero if it doesn’t suit the playstyle of his/her character.
You can read further about the Overwatch Open group stage format and details from here.
Moreover, to view the live coverage of the event, you can tune into Sky 470. Ginx eSports TV will be the primary broadcaster for Overwatch Open, and they will continue to broadcast it until Sunday, August 28.
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