Sombra Bug – An Amusement For Gamers

Sombra Bug – An Amusement For Gamers

A lot of Overwatch players thought that they knew quite much about the new addition to the heroes’ fleet – Sombra – but when after arrival, the players were amused to see that the character can hack her way outside of the game’s maps and skydive. Is it a glitch or what?

It’s been almost a week since Blizzard added Sombra in the list of heroes and players have already discovered that the hero can basically go skydiving on every map. Though the new hero is currently available only in the Public Test Realms (PTRs), even then the players came out of the way to experiment on possibly breaking the laws of physics in the game.


Innovative gamers figured out a way to let Sombra travel through the air and skydive using the character’s translocator. But this works only if you are doing it in Custom games.

The hero abilities have no cooldowns which are why the bug/glitch works in Custom game modes only. Well, this is good in a way that it let you explore the maps and go beyond the Overwatch skyboxes to see everything that the developers have offered. And you can do it only if you are playing with Sombra.

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