Sombra might not be the next release hero on Overwatch

The addition of Sombra as next hero isn’t confirmed yet

In a convoluted augmented reality game there were many teasers of a new hero for weeks But in the end the fact is Overwatch does not have a new hero, Ladies, and gentlemen sorry no Sombra yet.


On the other hand, username “Skycoder” has posted a countdown on a site under Blizzards control as a part of ARG, named:
There is another message hidden in the page’s source code:
“ Bien hecho, ya tienen mi clave. Hackear este programa de televisión no tuvo chiste. Espérense a lo que sigue”
Translated message reads as:
“Now you have my key, well done. It was a piece of cake to hack this TV show. Wait for what happens next.”
Amomentincrime is slowly updating a countdown of its own. The text reads:
“…Estableciendo conexión…
…Protocolo Sombra v1.9 iniciado…
…Transmitiendo información a ómnicos activos… 3%
…Terminando conexión…”
Translated, the text reads:
“Establishing connection. Protocol Sombra v1.9 initiated… Transmitting information to active omnics… 3%. Terminating connection.”

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