Sombra might show up in ‘A moment in crime’ update


Sombra might be available in the next update

The Overwatch fans much await the appearance of Sombra in the game. October 16 or 17 of this year, is the most probable date of the “A moment in crime” update which hints the appearance of the mysterious character.

The time in crime site is currently indicating 22 percent of the press time. According to a report by an enthusiastic observer, after every three minutes, the counter seems to increase by around 0.0038 percent.
According to him the source code of the site can identify that, though the usage of an external script the timer is being updated manually, which also hints the possibility of site’s timer. Nonetheless, the un-errored efficiency of the time, makes him deduce that Sombra spy will make her first appearance in the game on October 16 or 17.

Sombra Overwatch

In the absence of much needed relevant information, 16 October is a speculation. Currently, this is the best possible hint given by the Sombra ARG investigator. However, if the site’s timer speeds up or slows down, the rumored date will change.

Who is Sombra?

The character’s real age and the name are still unknown because of the minimal information revealed. However, the players believe that she is a Mexican National and operates in Dorado. She is also a cryptography expert and is also believed to be a computer hacker.

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