Sombra and the possible change to the meta because of her

Sombra, probably the most anticipated hero in Overwatch so far, has finally been revealed. After a long (and for some, tedious) time, we know what the hero kit looks like. Let’s be honest though, Blizzard put quite a bit of effort with this one. The whole ARG (Alternative Reality Game) surrounding Sombra was somewhat cool.

Even though some players got annoyed by this constant shroud of mystery surrounding the hero, it was to be expected. I mean, the hero is literally a spy, hacker, kind of assassin, so the ARG was a good fit.

Is Sombra here to change the meta?

Now that we know what she is bringing to the game, we can discuss about the possible outcomes. The first thing that comes to mind after watching the reveal is: She is not a support. I dont know about you but when I first read about their abilities, I definitely thought it was going to be a support. But on the hero reveal she is categorized as an Offensive hero.

After analyzing Sombra’s actual abilities, you will realize that she is not a typical offense hero. She covers a “special” role. She lives up to her lore and serves as a hero used as a spy/assassin/disruptor. Her kit lets her sneak to the enemy’s back line and finish off low-health/priority targets. She can also “spy” them and let her team know about the enemy strategy or even comp.

Last, and probably the most important thing about Sombra is her “hacking” ability. For those of you who have not seen anything about her (I doubt it), her hacking ability acts as a form of “silence”. This means that the enemy hacked by her will not be able to use abilities for a period of time. Not only that, but she can also hack health packs to become unusable by enemies.

When we talk about the actual shift in the meta is because of this hack ability. She can hack a Reinhardt and stop him from shielding the whole team. She can hack Zarya’s shield and make her an easy target to kill. Also, Zen’s “armor” will suffer from this hack.

Sombra is definitely a really interesting hero. It is quite surprising how Blizzard managed to introduce a hero with this characteristics on a FPS game as fast-paced as Overwatch.


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