Sombra Will Help You Hack Your Enemies

Sombra Will Help You Hack Your Enemies

Finally, the 23rd hero of Overwatch, Sombra has arrived.

At Blizzcon, on 4th November, Patch 1.5 was revealed and was put to the test mode for public on 7th November. After successful testing of Sombra, Stealth Hacker, the hero has entered the Overwatch Hero’s fleet along with the addition of entirely new Arcade mode and the one and only (until now) Arcade map i.e. Ecopoint: Antartica.

Since the release of Overwatch in May, Sombra is the second to join the hero’s list after Ana who came out in August. But the skill sets of the hero make her much superior in game’s meta when compared to Ana as a disruptor. The hero can teleport and can be unseen for a short period, and her hacking skills can disable opponent’s abilities. But with these advantages, the hero has low health and a weak damage yield.


The new patch includes the all new Arcade Mode along with Sombra. The Arcade mode will replace Weekly Brawls and introduce spanking new ways to play, including 1v1 Mystery Duels, 3v3 skirmishes and a No Limits mode with no hero limit (this will be replacing the format of Quick Play, which will now have Hero limits).

The only Arcade map released Ecopoint: Antartica is a little different to the customary Overwatch maps, it is much more packed. Hence, the focal point will be team skirmishes rather than actual completion.

It had seemed like a long wait before Sombra was released. People had some clues about Sombra but on Monday – a day before her release- when the downloading started players received a message in the game “BOOP”, which she said in the trailer when she activated her hacking ability.

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