Here’s All You Need To Know About The Team Contribution Feature By

A new exclusive eSports betting platform has emerged which utilizes the Ultraplays’s esports odds service and is officially licensed by Curacao’s E-Gaming Licensing Authority, the name of the platform is GG.BET. The esports betting supported site is established by renowned eSports enthusiasts. In August 2016, appeared on the map of eSports industry. Since then, the organization has made a huge name for itself by sponsoring the best teams in the eSports market, and much of the development of the site is credited to the official license of Curacao which allowed the platform to be made official in almost every major country in the world.

What makes the site compete with other betting platforms is the fact that it has consistently delivered the demands of a 21st Century wagering site attributing to the incredible features the platform offers. Just to give you a glimpse of the features, the site officially supports bitcoin betting, which only a handful of platforms currently offer.

So, let shed some light on the topic at hand, probably the best element of, which not rare but is one of a kind at the moment I am writing about it as it is currently provided by this platform. This feature has caused such havoc that it easily overpowers its rivals and makes the ultimate wagering platform of the eSports industry. Innovation is the only word that could describe this feature which is the need of the hour of the establishing eSports industry. The name of the feature is the “Team Contributions.”

So, let’s move on to how the feature actually works. To summarize it, a certain percentage of what you win is funded to the team that made you win your bet, which indicates that just by winning the bet on the team you invested in, you are actually contributing to the development of your favorite eSports team. This is a win-win scenario is any way you look at it. As an example, suppose you made a bet on your favorite CS:GO team in a tournament by going to And they manage to win the game and granting you profits on your investment then a certain percentage will also be funded by the team as well. It all started with 1% funding, but then after the growth and expansion of the feature, the numbers rose to 5%.

Let’s talk about how this feature benefits the industry. eSports franchises like Alliance and Ninjas In Pajamas can earn an additional +18,000 dollars just by winning their games and also increase your profits. Also, just by the circulation of such money upcoming and emerging eSports titles like Hearthstone and Overwatch, etc. will get a significant boost to make a big splash in eSports and compete with the establish eSports titles like LoL and Dota 2.
In the end, benefits you as you win your bet by wagering by the best odds of the best teams and tournaments across the globe which also supports the eSports teams which ultimately significantly contributes to the expansion of the eSports industry.

There happen to be a couple conditions which you have to follow before you go and use the Team Contribution feature. That is first of all sign-up and make an account on the site, Secondly, make a deposit into your respective account. And to keep on making fruitful wagers on the eSports titles you love, you will just have to fund your account by clicking on the icon ‘Deposit’ on the top right corner. There are extensive alternative payment methods to meet the demands of the vast majority of the exclusive members.


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