Team LDLC enters the Overwatch competitive scene

That’s right. Team LDLC starts their Overwatch career. They do this by picking up a roster to play competitively. Read on to find out their motivations to join the fight!

Team LDLC is an eSports organization sponsored by an electronic store of the same name that sells mainly gaming accesories. The organization has teams competing in Call of Duty: Black Ops, CS:GO, FIFA 16 and StarCraft II. To this, they add the new Overwatch team.

For Team LDLC, the Overwatch scene is growing a lot on the community side of things. And, as we can see, the competitive scene is also getting really big. New teams are coming into the game and there are tournaments all around the world, literally. Amateur, semi-pro and professional teams compete against each others to become better.

Team LDLC Overwatch roster

The journey for LDLC started when they commissioned Guillaume “KabaL” Ettori, a veteran FPS player, to assemble a team. When he left melty back in July, he says that he had 2 offers at the time to join different teams. He could play as a support for a team called “Le Mixx”, or create a new team under Team LDLC.

KabaL says that they have been playing together since the start of august and, after analyzing their matches and scrim results, and he positions the team between the top 8 and top 10 of EU. He is pretty confident about the potential of the team and he is sure. With the support from Team LDLC, they will be able to invest themselves 100% to Overwatch.

The full 6-man team roster is composed by the following players:

Guillaume “KabaL” Ettori, Support
Rikard “Klanton” Lundberg, DPS
Tarek “.kr4tosdigga?!” Ekmekci, Support
Metehan “Mete” Aksüt, Flex
Mihail “Mezamorphis” Păunecu, Tank
Toni “ube” Häkli, DPS


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