Tempo Storm massively changes their Australian roster

Tempo Storm, who recently acquired a North American team, has swapped out half of their players on their Australian team. For fans of this team the change does not come as a surprise. This Reddit thread predicted the roster changes.


  • Daniel “Dorky” Stevens
  • Jackson “HeyKatie” Taylor
  • Jake “termo” Hickman


  • Jordan “Gunba” Graham
  • Brett “tjk” Bell
  • Andre “LUSH” Ricardo

2 of the new players come from Chiefs, which are the biggest competition to Tempo Storm. Glad to see poaching isn’t going away any time soon. The Australian team has been with Tempo Storm for a couple of weeks now. The old roster played in a couple of tournaments since signing with TS. They did not perform as we expected them to.

Does this mean anything for the new North American roster?

Most likely not. Because this change was due to toxicity within the team. Not because this is normal. The reason TS broke this team up was because of the players, not lack of performing. Many players become attached to their organization and when they change names they also change management. We all know that a good manager can make or break a job. The same goes for players. So, it is unlikely that Tempo Storm will change their North American roster as well.



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