Tempo Storm signs Australian Overwatch team

As weeks pass by, the amount of new Overwatch teams that jump on to the scene have been increasing. It can’t be denied that Overwatch is on its way to become one of the most important games in eSports. This is why the professional teams are getting more and more excited to get their roster together and start gaining new fans and achieving victories in the already numerous tournaments that are being contested.

This time, Tempo Storm makes the announcement that they have signed an AUS roster. The team that was formerly known as “Untitled Spreadsheet” is composed by:


James Stanton will be the Captain of the team and will play the DPS role. Yuki has vast experience playing competitive FPS. He was one of the most important players in the Australian TF2 scene. He went to 2 international LANs as the representative of Australia. He got 4th place both times.


Jordan Graham will take on as the Co-Captain while playing a Flex role. He has some notable achievements in the gaming scene, both as a player and a leader. He was part of the top Australian Guild in World of Warcraft, also topped the leaderboards in Diablo 3, and most notably he achieved the rank of Legend in Hearthstone.


Sam Rogers is the support for Tempo Storm. He started as a CS 1.6 player, after that he became known in World of Warcraft. Also, Sam has experience playing in high-challenger division in League of Legends. This has helped him to be considered as the best Lucio player in Australia, while also being an extremely flexible support player.


Kyall Margitich will be playing as the tank. He also has a background as a WoW player, being a part of Adept, considered one of the best WoW guilds of all time. As a FPS player he is known in the Australian scene for playing Natural Selection 2 before jumping into Overwatch.


Brett Bell is the DPS. Starting on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Brett has been playing a wide variety of FPS games. As of now, he has great potential to become one of the best shooters in the competitive scene.


Andre Ricardo: The Support. LUSH is a recently discovered player in Overwatch. He stands out on every Overwatch team he plays on and has vast experience playing FPS games like Dirty Bomb and CoD.


Last but not least, Philip Pretty. Philip will be the Coach, Manager and also a substitute for the team. Known for winning several Melee Australian tournaments and also for organizing the International Smash Tournament: Bam7. Apart from that he managed Team Exile5 in Team Fortress 2.

Tempo Storm team member are currently preparing to go to BlizzCon 2016 Overwatch World Cup and asking for voters around the world to cheer for them. We will probably see what this team is made of really soon!


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