Tempo Storm signs their North American Roster, former NG team.

Remember Tempo Storm? They just recently signed the former AUS Team known as “Untitled Spreadsheet”. You can read about that here: Tempo Storm signs Australian Overwatch team.

Also, there was quite a sad story recently, which was the disbanding of Northern Gaming Overwatch roster, which we also covered. You can read about it here: Northern Gaming says goodbye to the their Overwatch roster.

On the official announcement from NG, they said that they were looking to help the players relocate to another organization. Well, that did not take long, Tempo Storm just announced that they are taking in the former NG Team!

That’s right. Tempo Storm makes their second move on the Overwatch competitive scene. They now have 2 teams competing, one from AUS and this new one from NA.

Tempo Storm Overwatch current NA roster

Their NA team is looking like this:

  • David “NapTime” Fox
  • Estevao “YouMustHooey” Gama
  • Liam “Mangachu” Campbell
  • Ian “BreadExpert” Chaplin
  • Rollon “Mini” Hamelin
  • Shane “Dvexx” Waters (manager)

Naptime, Mangachu and BreadExpert are the 3 members that come from the Northen Gaming lineup. As you can see, they are only 5 players, so Tempo Storm is currently looking for the sixth player. They will make an announcement as soon as the tryouts are complete and the last player chosen.

Former NG team most likely had different offers, but they finally decided to go with Tempo Storm. The organization, as with their AUS roster, is pretty excited to get these guys on board. Also, the players are feeling good with this new opportunity.

If you want to read the official announcement along with what NapTime and Dvexx have to say about this, you can do so here


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