The Overwatch characters as cute dogs you might want to see

Lily Nishita draws out Overwatch characters as dogs

The Overwatch community seems to have a thing for re-imagining the large cast of characters. In just a few months, since the release of the game, the fandom has gotten creative with up to 22 heroes. The heroes were firstly re-imagined as cats and were shaped up as the style of famous video game mascots. Now, they’ve been drawn as dogs. And yes, they’re adorable, and all the credit goes to the freelance artist, Lily Nishita.


They happen to be perfect in every possible way. From having the dogs fit in the exact nationalities of the characters down to the little touches, such as Tracer’s speed trail and McCree’s prosthetic paw. When the cowboy comes into the conversation, there is no doubt that currently, this has to be the greatest related dog pun which seems to draw a lot of attention.
Right now, Nishita is not looking forward to draw every Overwatch character. However, she is excited to draw one character whom she has her eyes now and that right it’s Sombra.

You can view the complete artwork of Lily Nishita by following her on Twitter.

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