TORNADO ROX Presents their new Overwatch Team

A new EU team joins the Overwatch competitive scene! This time, TORNADO ROX Overwatch comes out and presents their new roster.

A bit of information about TORNADO ROX. First of all, the actual name of the team is ROX, we will get to the TORNADO part later. ROX Team is a multi-gaming Russian Organization. The full name in Russian translates to “Russian Society of Cybersport” or ROCS, finally adopting the name ROX. They are a long-standing organization, being formed in 2004.

They have had teams playing competitively in different games such as Starcraft II and DOTA 2. Currently they have teams in League of Legends, World of Tanks and just recently, Overwatch. Also they have players representing them in FIFA and Street Fighter V.

When ROX started, they aimed to create a Russian team in a korean professional manner. This is why ROX was the first CIS team to have their players train in bootcamps. This will give them the chance to train intensively in a professional environment.

Since 2015, they have a partnership with TORNADO energy drinks, thus changing their name to TORNADO ROX.

TORNADO ROX Overwatch Roster

Now, about their new Overwatch Roster, it’s composed as follows:

  •  Maxim «Clozz» Khurkunov (captain)
    Role: tank

  •  Pavel «BuHorpaduHa» Trifonov
    Role: Flex

  •  Ilya «Nlaaer» Koppalov
    Role: DPS

  •  Andrey «Engh» Sholokhov
    Role: DPS

  •  Denis «Tonic» Rulev
    Role: Support

  •  Stas «Mistakes» Danilov
    Role: Support

This is the team formerly known as Prets. They started getting attention after winning King of the Watch for 3 times and Lenovo Summer 2 times. They also made it into top 9-12 of the EU region in the last Atlantic Showdown.

This attracted TORNADO ROX’s attention since they have been wanting to join the Overwatch competitive scene since the beginning. They have been keeping an eye on it to see how it developed and they are ready to join the scene now.

If you wish to ready the full official announcement you can do it here: TORNADO ROX Announcement


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