UltraPlay Outlaws, the new bulgarian eSports academy

Game Evolution, the most recent and largest eSports tournament in Bulgaria started something. It was an inspiration to create a new Bulgarian eSports Academy called UltraPlay Outlaws.

UltraPlay is a company especialized in developing betting products as well as casino marketing. They announced the acquisition of 2 teams as of now: a CS:GO and an Overwatch team. The players from both teams already signed their respective professional contracts.

The CS:GO team finished in the first place and the Overwatch team finished in the second place of the tournament.

The importance of UltraPlay Outlaws

An eSports academy such as UltraPlay Outlaws is an important step towards a more robust competitive scene. UltraPlay Outlaws will help bring together the best players of the region. And this will also give the teams a better chance at competing at the largest tournaments.

The Overwatch Team Captain Pavel “MYSToGAN” Panev said the following:

Today we are satisfied to announce that we will team up with Outlaws.gg in order to reach our goals as a Overwatch team!

“Even though we’ve started playing together recently, we already have made huge progress. We have already shown that we can compete both on a national and international level, and we aim to become one of the best Overwatch teams in the world!”

Additionally to their professional contracts, UltraPlay Outlaws will also have a boot camp for both teams. All this with experienced trainers to help them improve their skills, strategy and teamwork.

Outlaws is just starting, but we can be sure that we will be seeing a lot from them in the next months! Such an exciting news for the Bulgarian eSports community.

Their website seems to be under construction, but if you are interested be sure to check them out regularly. Outlaws.gg


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