Upcoming Season 2 Changes



Blizzard released a video detailing some of the changes that they are making to Overwatch for the upcoming competitive season 2. Season 2 is expected to start in September, or at least very close to the end of season 1. Season 1 is set to come to a close on August 18th.

Blizzard is making a lot of changes to Competitive Overwatch, so lets dive in and see what they have to say.

  • Skill Rating is now on a scale of 1-5000


This is probably the biggest change to competitive game that there is. Instead of Skill Ratings being from 1-100, they are now from 1-5000. Such a large increase in Skill Rating means that when you win a match or do well you will be jumping several Skill Ratings as opposed to a fraction of a rating.

Blizzard has stated that they did this because we are so used to school and thinking that a score of 60 is bad. When in reality if you have a Skill Rating of 60 then you are in the top 8% of the players in the world. So they increased the skill rating to make players understand where they stand better and get the emotional aspect out of “only” being a certain Skill Rating

  • Skill Ratings are separated into Tiers

Blizzard have stated what all 7 tiers are called but we do know about that there will be Bronze, Silver, Gold in that order. At the top end of the Tiers there will be Diamond, Master, and Grand Master. We do not know what the tiers in between Diamond and Gold will be but my guess is that there will be a Platinum.

The thing with Tiers is that each 500 or so Skill Ratings will be a different Tier. Only Master and Grand Masters can drop down a Tier. Otherwise everyone else cannot lost a Tier, you will only be in the bottom of your Tier. If you have a bad week of playing then you won’t drop out of Gold into Silver. Your just gonna have to climb up the ranks of Gold again.

  • Coin Toss is gone

Rejoice, Blizzard has heard your complaints and has gotten rid of the coin toss mechanic. Games will now result in a tie. But fear not, for other changes have made ties statistically incredibly unlikely.

Control maps will stay the same, you play 3 out of 5 and someone wins.

Assault has changed so that when you capture point A there will always be a 30 second addition to your time left, even if you are in overtime. This will allow you to make awesome comebacks if you can capture that second point within 30 seconds. When the game does give you bonus time it will only be a minute instead of 2 minutes. In the name of fairness both teams will receive a minute so that the other team gets the same amount of team to take the objective as the first team.

Hybrid and Payload maps have also changed. They now use the time bank system; if you push the payload to the end of the map with 3 minutes to spare then you get those 3 minutes in a second try to see how far you can push it again. Basically eliminating ties as a possibility.

There are a plethora of other changes. For example, competitive points are getting multiplied by a factor of 10, including prices. This means that ties will award each team competitive points, albeit fewer then a complete win.

Also Blizzard has stated that they are going to be much more aggressive in getting rid of disparities in Skill Rating within matches. Essentially making matches between people that are closer in Rating then before.



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