Watchover Tyrant cheat: Blizzard bans more than 4,200 accounts in China

Blizzard strikes by suspending more than 4,200 accounts

4,200 have been suspended permanently by the Blizzard Banhammer in the Chinese region because of the Watchover Tyrant. This Blizzard Banhammer has made quite a reputation in the community. This is the 3rd time that the ban hammer has set in since the launch of the Overwatch title. This time, the infamous Watchover Tyrant plugin users were targeted by the third person shooter company the plugins permits the player to see the enemy team player on the map as well as on the radar.
Summon528 which is a regular Reddit user have claimed the hacking problem in the Chinese region can be attributed to more than just the plugins. According to him

Complicated is a very simple word to attribute the Chinese hacking problems. Both the player and the hacker climb the ranks of the game. The hacker has earned a lot of money by the players and by the time the ban wave arrives, the player gets punished while the hacker has made enough to buy a new account. And this raises the question that how Blizzard will manage another problem like this.

So Blizzard faces yet another controversial setback in light of their policy doing more harm than good.

You can read more about the full Reddit post from here. To read about Blizzard China’s statement, click here.

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