ZSG and Addice Inc announce their first Bi-Weekly Tournament!

One more to add to the list! Truth is, little by little the Overwatch competitive scene is growing. Lately a lot of new tournaments are being announced. It seems like it is only a matter of time until we start getting some massive tournaments regularly.

It is turn for ZGS and Addice Inc to step into the scene. And they do so announcing their first Bi-Weekly Overwatch Tournament on September 3rd. There are over $1,000 USD in product prizes!

A little information about the hosts first. Zero-Sum Gaming & Addice Inc are sponsored by ZOWIE, FATAL1TY & AZIO. They are happy to announce that they will provide a high quality NA Overwatch Tournament. Lots of great prizes to give away. This is created in order to help the NA Overwatch competitive scene to grow. This is why they encourage anyone interested in joining to hurry up since there are only 32 spots open.


  • 6 ZOWIE Mouses (winners choice)
  • 6 ZOWIE P-SR Mouse-Pads
  • Another 6 AZIO L-80 Keyboards
  • 1 FATAL1TY Gaming Motherboard powered by ASRock. The player that gets Play of the Game on the last match in the finals will win this prize.
  • Also, 2 ZOWIE Mouses to give away to the stream. And 2 ZOWIE P-SR Mouse-Pads


  • FREE Entry
  • Single Elimination -32 teams
  • 1 hero limit
  • Final Match BO3
  • KOTH Maps BO5
  • ALL Maps available to play

Also, all team-captains need to join the Discord channel. In here, they will be able to talk to admins and other players regarding the matches. They can also contact support trough that. If any team does not show up after 15 minutes of the starting time, they will lose by default.

If this is something that you are interested about, be sure to check it out. Full rules and registration form can be found here: High-Noon Overwatch First Bi-Weekly


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